Parow Family Pharmacy opened its doors to the public for the first time on 27 November 2002. It was the first Health Pharm Franchise in the Western Cape. Although the pharmacy’s total staff component was only five at the time, it grew rapidly over the past years, increasing its floor space twice.

Tobie Nortje worked in some of the largest pharmacy groups during the first part of his career, but saw how, as the size of pharmacies and groups grew, the more traditional community pharmacy declined. He believed that the consumer has a right to personal, professional healthcare and that being a pharmacist was a lot more than simply making money.

When opening Parow Family Pharmacy, Tobie instilled these values from day one – putting the patient always first in everything. The pharmacy’s location, layout, product selection and staff complement were all designed with the patient in mind.

Today the pharmacy is centrally located next to the Pick ‘n Pay Family Store with ample safe parking. It has grown steadily over the years to become the professional, vibrant pharmacy it is today.



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